About Us




PROLEÑA, is the Association for the Promotion WOOD-ENERGY. A non-governmental organization NGO), non-profit organization, whose objective is to promote the modernization of the use of biomass as an energy source national, as well as renewables. 



PROLEÑA is a technical reference point at the national and regional levels in research, development  and application of appropriate technologies for the efficient use, modern and sustainable renewable energy and non-renewable; similarly promotes activities for the development of the forestry sector, contributing to the well-being of different social sectors and to the sustainability of the natural resources of Nicaragua.


It is an institution that researches, develops and promotes modern and innovative technologies and efficient, sustainable environmental and socially, for the use of conventional and renewable energy, in particular of the biomass and hydropower; likewise drives the establishment of forest plantations and forest management, with institutional and environmental responsibility, influencing to achieve an energy policy that promotes the rational use of natural resources. 


  • Promote and encourage the efficient use of energy from renewable sources, mainly from biomass and hydropower.
  • Promote and encourage the efficient use of conventional energy sources .
  • Train human resources in the area of renewable energy, energy efficiency and forest replenishment.
  • Provide consultancy services in the area of renewable energy, energy efficiency and forest replenishment. 
  • Manage the adoption of public policies and strategies for management and incentive to the forest sector and renewable energies.
  • Facilitate the exchange of information between the agents of the energy sector and forestry.


In the field Energy Efficiency

Identification of appropriate technologies in improving the use of wood and its efficiency through improved firewood stoves (ECOFOGON) and modern technologies more efficient to produce charcoal of better quality. We provide training, technical assistance and technology transfer. 

In the field Forest Replenishment

Design and implement models of programs for the forestry development, methods of organization of associations of refitting forest, designing incentive mechanisms, innovation of more modern technologies for the production of plantlets (nurseries) of better quality. We provide training, technical assistance and technology transfer.

In the field of Renewable Energies (EERR)

Training in renewable energy, identification of projects in renewable energy, direct contact with developers and funding, Diagnostics and market potential, business organization for the production and management of EERR.

In the field of bio-energy:

Forest Energy Diagnostics to communal and regional level , identification of more appropriate uses for biomass, quantification of the biomass potential, an estimate of the potential energy, transport optimization of biomass, the design of the conversion processes, study of the national market for fuel and electric power, economic analysis and financial. In addition design, construction, commissioning, the furnaces of charcoal type CONTAINER

In the field of Forest Management and Forest Certification Voluntary (CFV):

Identification of processes of voluntary forest certification (natural forest and forest plantations), training in forest certification, local support for processes of voluntary forest certification, management of funds for voluntary forest certification, forest management plans, annual operating plans, Analysis of Economic and Social Sustainability and Environmental Monitoring of the processes of voluntary forest certification, forest enterprise organization.

In the field of the CDM projects

Identification of CDM projects (substitution of fossil fuels with biomass, biomasicos waste recycling, energy efficiency in the industrial process, forest plantations as carbon sinks, ) Formulation of CDM projects, construction of base line, estimate of GHG emissions, formulation of the Monitoring protocol MVP, Management of certified emissions reductions CERs, implementation of the projects.

In the event field. 

Organization, assembly and implementation of seminars, webinars – workshop, training and technology transfer to national and international level.