National Center for Dendroenergetic Reference and Climate Change, “Tierra Verde”, located in La Paz Centro, Km 51, new road to León.

The Reference Center aims to validate and disseminate energy technologies that increase their productivity and energy efficiency; contributing in this way to the Nicaraguan population to carry out mitigation and adaptation actions to climate change within a framework of environmental sustainability and equitable human development.

The lines of work with which the Center works are: Forestry and Development and validation of efficient technologies that reduce the environmental impact in the different activities related to the use of energy technology.
The Center has specialists in these areas to carry out training in the technical development of workshop workers, forestry, students and national and international professionals under the administration of Proleña.
The Reference Center is open to all audiences such as: Small workshops producing improved kitchens, Organizations that promote improved cooking, users of ECOFOGONES (firewood, charcoal, liquefied gas), forest owners, reforesters, wood processors, coal association , coal merchants, pottery craftsmen, national and international students.