Ejecuted Projects

January – October 2013

Technology of traditional oven whit fan Promotion in Rivas and Yalaguina. Grant funds by Energy efficiency in handmade bricks (EELA).

 July 2012 – September 2013

 “Improved cooking stove systematization in Nicaragua”. Systematization of best practices in improved cooking stove in Nicaragua. Grant funds by: United Nations Development Programmed UNDP – Small grant program (PPD).

 February 2012 – July 2013

 Improving the quality of life of the Oregano community, Santa Lucía, Boaco, through solar pumping system water and improved cooking stoves. Grant funds: Aragón Government, Spain – Foundation Ecology and Development (ECODES).

 October 2012

 Clean Tortilla: Installation of improved cooking stoves in kiosks for Micro Small and medium enterprise Mipymes in Ciudad Sandino, Managua. Grant funds Food Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) under the project FRD 11/NIC/003 in alliance with banking LAFISE group.

September 2012 – February 2013

 Ecofogones under subsidy, in La Paz Centro, León. (Phase I and II). Grant funds by Solidarity Friends Funds (TRAFO), Holland.

November 2011 – January 2012

 Emelda Improved Cooking Stove in Talisman housing project, Matagalpa. Grant Funds by Rotary Club of Matagalpa and Nicafrance Foundation.

June – July 2011

Introduction of enhanced kitchens: technology transfer of Emelda improved cooking stove in the town El Cocal, Rosita, North Atlantic Region. In these town we work whit Misquito indigenous families, located it 410 km to the North of the Managua city. Grant funds by Trees, Water & People, and CO2 bamboo.

 January – February 2011

Design and improved cooking Emelda technology transfer to San José de Bocay community, Jinotega. Grant funds by Blacksburg volunteers from Virginia USA

April – June 2010

Study of wood-based bio-energy: evaluative used a ventilator in over in San Juan de Oriente. Design, validation and transfer for the production of charcoal for their transformation into briquettes. Grant Funds by the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM), Nicaragua.

Year 2010

Wood energy and climate change National Center for (CENADEC). Provide technical assistance and training to the productive of the forestry industry in Nicaragua. CSRsponsibility. Grand Funds by: Trees, Water & People (TWP) – Energy and Partnership of the American (ECPA)

January – June 2010

Validation of furnaces type Media Naranja: evaluation consultancy. Funded by Ministry of Energy and Mines, Nicaragua.

October 2009 – July 2010

 Design of improved stoves for charcoal: design, validation, transfer and commercialization of improved charcoal stoves. Funded by Ministry of Energy and Mines, Nicaragua.

 March 2008 – March 2009

Introduction of burner or furnace improved for bricks and tiles in Nicaragua: demonstrate the technical feasibility and environmental use of the agricultural waste (rice and coffee husks) as fuel in the production of bricks and tiles. Funded by PROLEÑA / CARBON CLEAR.

February 2008 – December 2008

Production of plants for the West: production of plants in conjunction with nurseries. Funded by: the Millennium Challenge account.

October 2006 – June 2007

 Lighting by woodstoves in Nicaragua: An integrated Thermal-Electric Technology: validate the use and maintenance of the Firefly kitchen and system Thermo Electron power trailer with kitchen generators. Funded by Winrock International / PROLEÑA.

January 2005 – January 2006

 Spread of monolithic kitchens: location of kitchens Mi fogon in 1,350 homes under the project of the CNE. Funded by: National Commission on Energy.

June 2006 – may 2009

Ecofogones Financing with carbon credit: incentives for carbon sequestration to further Ecofogon kitchens. Funded by: Climate Care / JPMC / England.

March – April 2006

Dissemination of improved cook stoves in Managua: wood energy and energy efficiency. Funded by: NGO children of the corn.

November 2004 – April 2005

Dissemination of improved cook stoves in Managua: wood energy and energy efficiency. Funded by: NGO children of the corn.

August 2004 – May 2005

Dissemination of improved cook stoves in Managua: wood energy and energy efficiency. Funded by: MARENA ECODAF

July – December 2004

Pro-TORTILLA: “Modernization of small businesses of tortillas through the introduction of Ecofogones phase II. Funded by TWP ASHDEN awards.

February – August 2004

Pro-TORTILLA: “Modernization of small businesses of tortillas through the introduction of Ecofogones phase II. Funded by: ROTARY CLUB / TWP.

June – November 2004

Supply, installation of 1,000 improved stoves and training in the use and maintenance, in the municipalities of Squash and mouth of Paiwas. Funded by: CNE-BID-ESMAP.

February – October 2004

Introduction of the aspect genre project pilot commercialization of improved cook stoves phase ll. Revolving Fund. Funded by: ESMAP /BM/RUTA.

September 2003 – October 2004

Dissemination of improved cook stoves in Managua: wood energy and energy efficiency. Funded by: VSF

May – December 2003

Introduction of the aspect gender pilot commercialization of improved cook stoves project: gender and power. Funded by: WB/ESMAP/route.

March – November 2002

Reforestation in the municipality of del Viejo, Chinandega. Forest plantations for multiple use. Funded by: GVC.

July 2001 – July 2003

Stoves Selection, Validation, Industrialization and Promotion and Monitoring Pilot Commercialization of Improved Cookstoves for the NGO Proleña. Funded by WB/ESMAP

January – December 2001

Forest replacement to the Tejareros industry. Forest Plantations in La Paz Centro. Funded by: PROFOR / BM

January – May 2000

Biomass Power Generation in Ocotal. Pre-feasibility study for the installation of a 5 MW plant with waste of wood, in Ocotal, Nicaragua. Funded by: PROLEÑA – SDC – MARENA.

August 2000 – March 2001

Feasibility Studies for SAGCOMSA and GEMINA Power Projects.Feasibility study for the SAGCOMSA 1.3 MW bio-energy project with industrial waste of peanuts and feasibility study for the bio-energy project GEMINA 1.5 MW with industrial waste of rice. Funded by: PROLEÑA – BRONZEOAK.

October 2000 – October 2002

Modernization of the use of firewood and forest production. Environmental – energy, efficient technologies

Funded: USAID – PL/480

April 2000 – April 2002

Training, capacity and building of renewable energy. Funded: UNDP/GEF

January – July 1999

Sustainable production of charcoal (Post-Mitch). Funded: WB/ESMAP

January – August 1999

Improvement of production systems of charcoal and firewood. Charcoal, forest management, and training. Funded by: IIZ/Austria

January – August 1999

Strategist to expand the supply of firewood and improve energy efficiency. Wood energy and energy efficiency. Funded: IDB/CNE.

 March – October 1999

Some alternatives to resolve the problem of demand for firewood in Las Segovias (cities of Esteli, Condega, Somoto and Ocotal. Assessment of the demand and the supply of biomass (wood), a diagnosis and a proposal for project profiles, for a period of 6 months. The study identified the potential of forest biomass for the generation of electricity in the region of Las Segovias. Funded by: PROLEÑA /ADESO.

April – September 1998

Modernization of the Sector FUELWOOD: fuel wood. Funded by: WB/ESMAP

July 1998 – December 1998

Improvement of the systems of production of firewood and charcoal in Nagarote, León Department. Practical training in forest management supported dry forest. The communities involved were Paul and La Trinidad. Funded by: PROLEÑA-IIZ.

September 1998

Survey of energy domestic in the urban sector of the cities of Managua and Leon. Elaboration of the survey of firewood. Funded by: PROLEÑA / ESMAP / BM

 December 1997 – March 1998

 Project modernization of the Nicaragua fuel wood sector in charge of the studies. Assessment of the environmental impact caused by the pique of firewood in 5 sites of Managua and León; and evaluation of marketed quantities of firewood. Funded by: PROLEÑA to request ESMAP/World Bank and the French NGO MARGE

June 1996 – October 1997

 Strategy to increase the supply of firewood in the Pacific of Nicaragua. As a consultant hired by the National Institute of energy INE, with IDB funds. The results were: diagnostic Socio-economic of the commercial activity of firewood production in San Francisco Libre and terms of reference Tor strategy consulting. Funded by: CATIE-PROLEÑA in 1999.

Feasibility studies

  • Elaboration of proposal of strengthening institutional capacities at local and national levels of the PCHs (providing institutions and local organizations a programmed of training and technical assistance, in order to strengthen the productive capacity of the rural economy through electricity generation with small hydroelectric plants), with funding from UNDP/GEF (January/02-Mayo/02).
  • Generation of electricity with waste of rice (rice husk) of 1.2MW, in Chinandega, with funding from FCP/BM (may-Dec/02/02)
  • Generation of electricity from waste wood in Ocotal, FINNIDA-funded / SDC (February-April / 00).
  • Dissemination of improved wood stoves in the Pacific of Nicaragua, FINNIDA-funded / SDC (February-may / 00).
  • Feasibility studies of the program of modernization in Managua and León FUELWOOD, with support from the World Bank ESMAP (BM) (March-September / 98).

-Survey of domestic energy in 1500 homes

-Survey of preference of fuels in the domestic sector

-Quantitative assessment of the supply of firewood and charcoal

-Evaluation of environmental impact resulting from the exploitation of firewood at five sites in the Pacific.

-Evaluation and proposal of a new system of permits, taxation and incentives for firing.

Strategies and policies:

  • Guidelines for policies, strategies and incentives for the generation of electricity with biomass, with support from World Bank (January/03-Abril/03).
  • Strategy to solve the problem of the demand for firewood in the Las Segovias Region, for the Association of research of the development sustainable of Las Segovias (ADESO), with support from the Netherlands (March-May 1999).
  • Strategy creation and strengthening of associations of forest replacement in Nicaragua, with funding from PROARCA (May-July / 99).


PROLEÑA, established alliances with other prestigious institutions in the forestry and energy issue for the implementation of studies and projects:

  • CNE-PROLEÑA. Project of modernization of the FUELWOOD in Nicaragua, with support from ABC-Brazil-CNE.
  • CATIE-PROLEÑA, to execute the strategy to increase the supply of firewood in the Pacific of Nicaragua.
  • University UTRECHT-PROLEÑA, to manage and implement the project of the map on the potential of biomass in Nicaragua for the purpose of electricity generation.
  • PROLEÑA-BRONZEOAK, to carry out the feasibility study for the generation of electricity with waste of rice (rice husks) in the area of Chinandega for the company Gemina.BRONZEOAK is an English company specialized in renewable energies.
  • PROLEÑA- APROVECHO, to run the pre-feasibility study on new technologies in Ecofogón. APROVECHO is a NGO and American research centre specializing in the field of renewable energy.
  • FEDERAL University of VIÇOSA-PROLEÑA, to manage and implement a regional project for the dissemination of more efficient technologies in the production of charcoal and bio-energy generation.
  • SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURE LUIS DE QUEIROZ (ESALQ) – PROLEÑA. Server and electronic files of the network uso-hispana in bio-energy
  • PROLEÑA-BUNCA, for the PROLEÑA strengthening in the field of renewable energy.
  • FARESP-PROLEÑA: Bilateral support in the establishment of associations of forest replacement in Nicaragua and Honduras.
  • Micro-financial (FINCA, CARUNA, INGES,  ADIM y FODEM), to facilitate credit for the Ecofogón opportunities.
  • ECOCARBON, to support them in the channels of marketing and rising of a demonstration plot in exploitation of coal


  • Formation of the ECOLENA Association, in San Rafael de el Sur, with the “caleros” for species energy and production efficiency, with legal personality, established in 2002.
  • Conformation of the ARCE-San Benito Association in Tipitapa, with producers and carriers of wood, to develop projects of replacement forestry and forest management, with legal personality, established in 2002.
  • Creation of the Association ASEROFOR in La Paz Centro, with the Brick-makers to make best use of the resource wood, efficiency and forest replacement, with legal personality, established in 2000.
  • Formation of the company ECOCARBON in the community of San Pablo Nagarote, Trade Union and Trade Association of producers of coal, with legal personality, established in 1999.
  • Support for the Organization of the agro forestry enterprise and forest industry (ECOFADO – LOS MARIBIOS) to operate as a private entity to promote forestry energy plantations in Nicaragua.
  • PROLEÑA is part of Removable of Nicaragua Association RENOVABLES.

7 Publications

  • Memory of the workshop ‘ commercialization of improved cuisine in Nicaragua, with financing ESMAP / BM and CNE. “
  • Manual user-Ecofogón and posters, with funding from USAID.
  • Memory of the national seminar on renewable energy, with PNUD and CNE finance.
  • Memory of the first national forum of firewood in Nicaragua, with ACDI funding and support publishing of CATIE.
  • Technical guide of carbonization of Nicaragua, with CIRAD-ESMAP/World Bank financing.
  • Guide to productive forest management of the tropical dry forest of Nagarote, with funding from AUSTRIA/IIZ.
  • Memory of Nicaragua workshop of chickadees, with funding from PROCAFOR, Finland.
  • Alternatives to solve the demand for firewood in the Las Segovias, with funding from the Netherlands.
  • Initiative and administration of derived global network of bio-energy discussion by Internet (bioenergia@sdnnic.org.ni). Getting involved more than 100 users in 26 countries that expose their problems with respect of the sector.

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Plant Nursery

PROLEÑA es miembro del FSC (en la cámara ambiental). Conformación de la Asociación APRORES, en San Rafael del Sur, con los caleros para la producción de especies energéticas y eficiencia, con personería jurídica, fundada en  2002. Conformación de la Asociación ARCE SAN BENITO, en San Benito, con los productores y transportistas de leña, para desarrollar …

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