Economy and Health for your Home

The only stove that saves firewood and non smoking home

ECOFOGON is a stove built with new technology and innovative features for the best use of the firewood in household kitchens.

With ecofogon, you can use up to 50% less than wood in relationship to the traditional open stoves or three stones, which are widely used in our country, in addition, not release smoke inside the House, holding truncheons or pans clean soot-free, allows you cook several types of food at the same time, is portable and with good external presentation.

Adapts to the housing conditions, takes up little space and can be changed of place when you want to do. Installation and maintenance are easy and fast.

Use the combustion Chamber or ceramic burner like a elbow thermally insulated, these is sealed by a metal sheet who has a high conductivity of heat, and has a natural smoke extraction system by the pipe. For urban areas where the wood is marketed, the economy of this material allows that resources saved can be used to pay for your own.


  • Complete elimination of smoke
  • Firewood-saving
  • Saving money
  • Best condition of work and hygiene when cook

Fritanguera Stove or Heater

Fritanguera stove or heater: is use with charcoal to make a variety of meals such as: soups, baho, enchiladas, etc. This stove has a lightweight design, so is portable.

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(Español) Estufa Modelo Estela

Multi-purpose or traditional Stove: has a 22 “X 22″ plate, it is suitable for small businesses like a tortilla, also for domestic use in families of 10 people than use flat boilers,preferably aluminum.  

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Quickie Stove

Quickie stove:  Use charcoal, and we recommend for households and for picnic family, is portable, and you can make beans and other food. Available in two sizes:  28 – 25 cm in diameter

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(Español) Modelo Daysi para tortillas

Mega-Ecofogon Stove: Is the best for production of tortillas in quantity. You can use it in enterprise or farm. The Mega-Ecofogón has two individual combustion chambers.

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Model Ecobarril:

Model Ecobarril: This Stove can use for small business: it is use a direct contact and is good for make a nacatamales, baho, soups. Its dimensions are 71 cm in height with a 31 cm inside diameter.

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Ideal Stove

Ideal stove: good for make a meals in high quantities, in preferences with big pot, is recommended for farms, schools, restaurants, etc.

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Reyna Stove

Reyna stove: This stove is suitable for home in big families and businesses such as restaurant, has two pieces of iron sheet and each has a hole with reducers to conform to big or small size of pots.

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